One-stop Solution for Traceability

The system is a two-way traceability system specially designed for workers and administrators. We assign each product a unique QR code to realize product overall lifecycle management; more specific, it can collect and monitor information of raw material supply, production, circulation, sales and customer services etc., besides, circulation information of products can also be accurately understood, thereby the stability of products’ quality and every link among the supply chain can be precisely managed.



  • Quality safety

    whole life cycle management, data tracking of the whole industry chain, truly achieve the quality safety management of products, accurate and targeted recall of defects.

  • Cost reduction

    data tracking during the whole circulation, control the production cost at each node, save cost and improve efficiency.

  • Channel monitoring

    it can query the inventory status in a real-time and product flow, and control the channel information in time.

  • Terminal control

    real-time and accurately acquire sales data of terminals, effectively monitor the flow data of products.

  • Alert management

    it can achieve title1= management of each link, manage abnormal situation of each node, and improve the efficiency of enterprise management and decision-making.

  • Intelligent analysis

    through data mining, it helps enterprises to realize the penetrating analysis of management at each node, and provides support for enterprises to make quick decisions.

  • Interactive marketing

    help enterprises to drain, collect data, manage members, promote product sales, and strengthen the interaction between enterprises and consumers.

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