Coding&Data Collection Management System

The key of this system is software technology, QR code and RFID are data carriers; during the packaging process, the system adopts automatic identification and automatic control technology to dynamically assign codes and collect associations. The system gives each product a unique "ID card" and it complies with “one item, one code” packaging proportion so as to realize closed-loop data association by levels, from product, box to case. The system also records the production information which helps to efficiently acquire tracking data and flow data.


  • Standardized products

    integrated design, small size, easily embedded in the production line;
  • Strong flexibility

    support single code, double code, multi code and other coding types;
  • Strong adaptability

    it can be used for code assignment in various packaging forms such as bottles, boxes, bags, etc.; it can be compatible with manual, low-speed and high-speed production lines
  • Full automatic

    simple operation, automatically generate codes, automatic printing control, automatic data collection, association and real-time management, and the whole process is controllable;
  • Good anti-destructive

    use internal and external codes, that are combined with the batch number, to prevent IDs from malicious damage.
  • Support multiple types of coding

    suitable for code assignment of multi-level packaging, support multiple types of data acquisition equipment, and have huge data throughput capacity;


  • Visible editing of code assignment

    using WYSIWYG technology to edit the code assignment format and quickly create the code assignment template.

  • Automatic code assignment

    according to the conditions of the production line, different technologies are adopted to give a unique identification for the product.

  • Data collection

    element information of a product, such as product name, production date, batch number, expiration date etc., is automatically collected and bounded with a unique identity.

  • Establishment of association

    establish the genealogical relationship between the unique identities of products at all levels to ensure the efficiency of data collection in the following steps.

  • Data support

    support colleting statistics of important information such as output, consumables use and personnel workload, and provide main data for anti-counterfeiting and anti-cross-selling system.

  • Multiple packaging

    support multiple packaging methods, such as bottle, box and liquid milk packaging.

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