Anti Cross-selling Management System

The system is an essential system for all FMCGindustries. Its core function is to standardize the sales behavior of distributors,and maintain an orderly operation, stable price and good implementation ofsales strategy, so as to realize the win-win situation between distributors andenterprises. eACS uses the uniqueidentity of the product and the data collection during the circulation toensure that the flow direction of the product is consistent with thedistribution scope. Once there is a fleeing behavior, no matter through theinspection or title1= of the system, enterprises can take targeted measurements toensure the stable operation of the market.


  • System automation

    customized scheme, flexible code assignment, high degree of system automation.
  • Multi-channel anti-cross-selling

    through the multi-level distributor management platform, the enterprise realizes the overall control of the logistics channels. Distributors can track the logistics level by level, and realize the deep and vertical management of the distribution channels.
  • Multi-level packaging data association

    supports multi-level packaging association, and can customize the data structure according to customer's specifications and requirements, simplify the operation process and improve the efficiency of data collection in the logistics link.


  • Channel information management

    accurate management from dealers to distributors to terminals.

  • Channel inventory management

    effectively manage inventory of distribution channels in real-time.

  • Cross-selling query

    According to query authority, provide enterprises and related channel providers with relevant distribution and cross-selling information.

  • Cross-selling title1=

    the system forewarns the possibility of cross-selling, and sending the title1= information automatically.

  • Data analysis

    the system automatically generates reports, analyzes and arranges channel inventory data, product production cycle data, dealer fleeing data, etc., and displays them in the form of reports or charts to help enterprise make decisions quickly.

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