Marketing Management System

By using the variable printing technology of traceability code, anti-counterfeit code data encryption technology and mobile Internet technology, every traceability code and anti-counterfeiting code will become an Internet entry. Through the way of consumer registration, the communication and exchange between enterprises and consumers will be deepened, and through the interactive ways of member points, gift exchange, lottery, red packet, game, etc. for consumers, Help enterprises to obtain traffic, fans, consumption data, etc., so that consumers and enterprises can form a business, interact for many times, continue to improve consumer loyalty to the brand, and enhance the market influence of the brand.


  • Anti-counterfeiting traceability

    Through the dual authentication of traceability code and anti-counterfeit code, help consumers to identify products. At the same time, precise positioning can help enterprises to locate the channels that sell fakes and further stop fakes effectively.
  • Marketing event planning

    According to product and market needs, define and configure the event time, regional scope, product range and activity method (such as red envelope / prize draw, coupons, etc.)
  • Marketing activity monitoring

    Carry out real-time monitoring in the process of marketing activities to prevent the adverse impact of unexpected risks on the activities.
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness evaluation

    Analyze the data generated by marketing activities and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the activities.
  • Member management

    Perform data analysis on the members generated by the purchase behavior to promote secondary consumption, wake up the sleeping members, and recover the lost members.
  • Affiliate marketing

    Accurate marketing of members by analyzing their portraits.


  • One code with multiple functions

    Integrate anti-fake, traceability, and marketing.

  • Flexible customization of activities

    it supports flexible customization of various activities, such as red envelopes, lottery tickets, points and other activities.

  • Member management customization

    according to the industry or product characteristics to customize the management.

  • Support online customer service

    Support online customer service.

  • Support WeChat mall

    Support WeChat mall.

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